The group

Innovation has been the core of Barozzi Vernici’s business philosophy since 1904, the year in which the Company was founded. Over the years, the Company has developed into a more complex structure, the Barozzi Group, which consists of three divisions:


Nanotech Inside manufactures heat-reflective paint that, thanks to nanotechnologies, ensures significant living comfort and energy efficiency with a focus on sustainability.

Nanotech Inside embodies the research activities that the group carries out thanks to nanotechnology. Every product of the Nanotech Inside range is tested and certified also by independent labs.


Barozzi Vernici researches and manufactures a wide range of traditional paint and coating products with high added value, like water-based paint, for the construction industry and other sectors.

Since 1904 Barozzi Vernici has never stopped implementing its research and development activities to offer the domestic and professional markets products and services of the highest quality.


Agrichem is the market leader in the production of materials for vine and fruit trees nurseries. The Agrichem division was founded in 1962 by Vittorio Barozzi who developed and manufactured Arborplast, grafting wax for fruit trees, which soon became the go-to product in the market.

Today Agrichem produces a wide and varied range of products for vine and fruit trees nurseries.