Barozzi Group won the Insulation Challenge 

We are pleased to announce that our company and its partner, Vesta Chemicals, won the prestigious Insulation Challenge in Utrecht!

Last week the jury chose the three winners of the competition, which have been awarded a prize of 20.000 € and a pilot project, through which they’ll show the effectiveness of their innovative solutions.

For our pilot project, we proposed our energy efficient maintenance and restoration programmes for interiors and exteriors. They are non-invasive systems and improve indoor comfort and air quality.

40 european companies took part in the competition organized by The House of OI, showing extremely innovative products and solutions.

The winners could soon participate in the restoration of 90.000 homes in Utrecht and the improvement of their energy efficiency. A pivotal project that will contribute to the sustainable future of the city.

Domus Klimahouse Award

The Nanotech inside® division of the Barozzi group was awarded the Klimaprize 2017 in theRetrofitcategory ,which includes plants, materials, products, services and systems designed for energy improvement at the Klimahouse fair in Bolzano.


November 27, 2017

The Value Companies competition has enhanced the winning ideas that have enabled the companies to make significant progress, to better position themselves on the reference market with respect to their competitors and to promote those good corporate practices capable of stimulating competitiveness and new projects in the area.

The initiative of Regione Lombardia and Union Camere Lombardia has rewarded the 23 best companies in the area among the 165 who took part in the contest.

Five categories to present the candidacy: innovation, communication, product, generational continuity and social commitment.

Barozzi Group has been awarded for the product category: quality and recognizability in terms of the patented or distinctive product of the sector or symbolic for the history and / or territory of reference or certifying a record.

71th Assembly of Confindustria Mantova – Italy

October 11, 2016

Award of the Barozzi Group registered for 50 years (it was January 14, 1966) to the Association.The Minister Calendra, the National President of Confindustria Boccia and the President of Confindustria Mantova, Marenghi, have presented the award.

CQ Quality Building Partner (ANCE)

CQ, or Build in Quality, is a project that promotes quality construction, through training courses on the most modern construction techniques and practices aimed at the construction or renovation of quality, durable and efficient buildings.

The project is promoted by representatives of the construction industry in the province of Verona: Ance, Order of Architects, Order of Engineers, College of Surveyors, College of Industrial Experts.

Barozzi Group has been a partner of this praiseworthy project for years.

member since 2012

The Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is an association that promotes the objectives of:
to foster and accelerate the diffusion of a sustainable building culture, guiding the transformation of the market; raise awareness among public opinion and institutions on the impact that the methods of design and construction of buildings have on the quality of life of citizens; provide clear reference parameters to operators in the sector; Increase the comparison between the operators of the sector by creating a sustainable building community.

Many countries have their own advice and that they are part of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) network: we are very proud to be members of the Green Building Council Italia!

Recognition received by the Municipality of Revere (MN) – IT

March 20, 2017

“At the Barozzi Vernici di Revere company, for the contribution made to the economic progress of the territory of Reverie, for the technological innovation achieved in its field”.